Ankle sprain

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries that people experience. Around 28% of all accidents that happen to athletes are ankle sprains. The most common type of injury is when the foot twists outwards, which leads to fluid leakages. This leads to swelling, pain, and bruising.

Can you walk on a high ankle sprain?

Walking with an ankle that has been previously injured can make it more likely for it to be injured again because walking puts pressure on your feet and ankles, which increases the chance of re-injuring them. Ankle injuries are common in athletes and people who play sports.

The severity of this condition can depend on how much energy was absorbed during the fall or accident. If there was no major force, then it is likely that you will recover without surgery. However, if there was a significant force such as landing on your outstretched foot with your full body weight behind it, then surgery may be needed to repair torn ligaments.

The recovery period for this injury may take up to six weeks before returning to normal daily activities

Can a broken ankle be mistaken for a sprain?

A broken ankle is usually much more painful than a sprain because it causes stress on the joint. The person with the break will favor one foot over the other when trying to walk, while someone with a sprain will walk normally. A sprain also typically feels better after warming up and does not need an X-ray.

The difference between a sprain and a broken ankle can be hard to determine because both injuries are set off by similar types of incidents, like tripping or falling. Some of the ways to tell the difference are if there is any deformity in the bones, if there is swelling in one particular spot, or if there is a pain in surrounding joints.

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